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Propaganjah is bringing pulse thumping, high energy, melodic, one drop reggae music back to the reggae world. Influenced by the greatest of the greats, their strong Caribbean and R&B roots can be heard in every song. The percussive drive of this band will make anyone jump out of their seats to join the party. Tantalizing bass lines will keep your head bobbing to the riddim all night long. Emphasis on positivity can be felt in the lyrics and vocalizations of their music. Propaganjah's music is meant for the lovers of life and for anyone that needs/wants some positivity in their lives.
Propaganjah was formed in Central Florida, in early 2016, by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Burr Jr. and percussionist/songwriter/composer Garrett "Ginjah" Riggio. They both share influences of reggae greats, such as Tribal Seeds, Soja, Sublime, Dirty Heads, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and a ton of other bands in the realm. Rob's Caribbean influences come from his father's St. Croix/Virgin Island's roots. Ginjah brings some SoCal inspiration and positive vibes from his tenure in San Diego, as well as his work with his charity the Red Road Foundation. The duo linked up with Marlin Sessler (bass), adding his flavorful bass licks, in March of 2016, to form the sound that has been driving the band ever since. Tyler Stalbaum (drummer), anchors their sound with his unique latin/fusion/reggae vibes that resinates through the atmosphere. Aaron Bergman (saxophone) adds a whole other dimension to Propaganjah's sound with his tasteful riffs and melodies that will keep ya skankin' all through the night!
Propaganjah has played with numerous regional reggae acts already; such as, Resinated, Of Good Nature, Yamadeo, and the Duppies. They have played with the legendary reggae band, The Wailers, and will be playing numerous festivals ranging from the Irie Vibes Festival to Delandapalooza in 2017. There is no venue too big or too small for this band. They will bring the party to any atmosphere and keep you on your feet!!

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